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Welcome to Bombay Flavours

Bombay flavours teams are here to serve people with unique, rare and treasured recipes, gleaned from household of India, as opposed to commercial Indian kitchen. Our master chefs from Bombay will present you with the perfected Indian meals and recipes inspired by the traditional cuisines of India.

From daily treats to gourmet delight, our range of traditional Indian food captures the exquisite essence and tantalizing tastes from the homes and streets of Bombay.

Our recipes are elegantly crafted using the highest quality ingredients that are unique to particular regions in India, paired with the robust flavours of spices and fresh ingredients, we create a vibrant and indulging dining experience for you Each dish is inspired by time honoured recipes and is made using traditional methods to recreate the authenticity and heritage of India.


Food should not only please the palate but the blends of scrumptious flavours,
soothing ambience and friendly service will ensure you have an unforgettable dinning experience with us.
unforgettable dinning experience with us.

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